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Heartstrings Cello Ensemble - Videos



All about us: With a heart to share God's love, the Heartstrings Cello Ensemble is dedicated to providing concerts and performances to benefit various mission fields. We are excited to use music as a tool to positively impact our communities. The ensemble began its mission in the spring of 2013. Since then, we have given benefit concerts in churches and numerous venues throughout New York and New Jersey to support local and global mission fields, such as Kenya and India. We also give a monthly performance at Mount Sinai West Roosevelt Hospital, NYC.

The Heartstrings Cello Ensemble cellists are all high school students who want to spread our joy of playing music with you. We love playing all types of music, from classical to pop. We believe that there is something so beautiful and magical about music that will enrich people's lives unlike anything else in the world.



Enjoy these beautiful music videos to bring you BIG smiles!  



PRAYER OF BEING - Words and Music by Mark Hayes

Recorded by - Sydney Lee, Michael Won,

Leonardo Ko, Noah Lee, Solomon Lee

Hi KEYS Kids! It is our prayer that God will be with you, whatever you do, and wherever you go.



HE KEEPS ME SINGING - Music by L. Bridgers

Recorded by - Noah Lee, Michael Won,

Leonardo Ko, Esther Yu, Kevin Won

Hi KEYS Kids! We keep on singing because of Jesus! Jesus gives us peace and fills our every longing. Look unto Him! Rest in Him!



WINTER (THE FOUR SEASONS) - Allegro non molto

Music by Vivaldi

Recorded by - Noah Lee, Michael Won, Leonardo Ko, Esther Yu

This is the piece we selected for you! This piece depicts the characteristics of winter. For example, you might hear icy slush falling on the ground or the perilous winds of a snowstorm.

Although it sounds like the coldest season, we send you the warmest wishes!

POPPER SUITE Opus 16, Movement 2 Gavotte

Recorded by Solomon M. Lee, age 17, Sydney Lee, age 17, Michael S. Won, age 16=, Leonardo S. Ko, age 16, Noah Lee, age 14


Anderson Blue Tango

Onward Christian Soldiers, Kenya Well Water Project