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Paulie's Super Siblings


On July 17, 2014, superhero Paul “Paulie” Morley earned his angel wings after a valiant fight against ALL T-Cell Leukemia just a few months before his 3rd birthday. We are honored to announce that the KEYS Program and Paulie’s parents have partnered to create Paulie’s Super Siblings! This new program will provide assistance to the behind-the-scenes heroes, the siblings of kids battling cancer, who often feel lonely, left out and are in need of extra love, support and smiles.

“We are very happy to add this much needed program to our roster of patient support programs at KEYS,” said Colleen Bennett, KEYS Program Founder. “Paulie’s parents wanted to somehow provide support to siblings in memory of Paulie. They initially started researching creating Paulie’s Fight Foundation, but after talking more this past year, we thought it would be wonderful to combine forces and simply add Paulie’s Super Siblings to the roster of patient support programs we provide at the KEYS Program. Since Paulie is my cousin, and KEYS was created after the loss of my Dad to cancer, it is fitting we keep things in the family and that we add Paulie’s Super Siblings to our outreach.  I know that would make my Dad and my little buddy Paulie smile!”

Angela Schuyler, Paulie’s mother, had the vision for Paulie’s Super Siblings and will be heading up the program. “Paulie’s Super Siblings is Angela’s idea and vision”, said Bennett.” She knows first-hand the struggles and needs of families who have a child battling cancer. Her strength, passion and drive to help families who are going through the same difficult journey is truly inspiring. She has some wonderful ideas and events planned to bring big smiles to these special superheroes!” 


Make a Donation:

To make a donation to Paulie's Super Siblings program in memory of Paulie, just click on the donate button here on our website or mail your donation to: 

The KEYS Program

308 Sherrill Road, Suite 100

Sherrill, NY 13461


Please just note "Paulie's Super Siblings" on the donation form or on your check.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not."  ~ Paulie's favorite quote from Dr. Seuss' The Lorax


Meet Paulie's Super Sibling Lily!

Lily is younger sibling to Grant, Leukemia survivor and warrior! "Lily was still in diapers when her brother was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia" said Lily's mother Erin. "She was so good to him from day one. Occasionally she would go to his chemo treatment with us and go through all the motions with him. She could tell when he would get stressed and she would put her hand on his. She had so much empathy for her brother it was unreal. She was designed for it!"

Like many siblings, Lily has been by her brother's side throughout his treatment, comforting him, supporting him and loving him through it all. Because of the amazing sibling she is, we have selected Lily to be the recipient of our very first Paulie's Super Siblings wish!

Lily turns 8 on Nov 9th and has wished for some pretty awesome things! We will present Lily's wish to her at an awesome Chuck E Cheese birthday party our Smile Crew has put together for her on November 10th!

Stay tuned to hear about the awesome adventure we have planned for this beautiful SUPER sibling in the coming weeks. 


2nd Annual Paulie's Tractor & Car Show at Granger's Farm October 15th, 2016!


BIG Smiles Created at First Ever Paulie's Tractor Show at Granger's Farm Held Sept 12th, 2015! 





The KEYS Program

308 Sherrill Road, Suite 100

Sherrill, NY 13461

Phone: 315-363-6446 


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