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Season 1 KEYS Kids Network


Welcome to Season 1 of the KEYS Kids Network! 

The KEYS Kids Network is a unique kids broadcast geared for pediatric patients ages 1 through 10 who are in the hospital, in treatment for cancer and serious illnesses, or at home in hospice care. In order to keep the needs and abilities of patients in mind, our broadcasts are a mixture of fun and silliness with soothing songs that calm, inspire and comfort the hearts of the amazing superheroes we serve. We welcome not only pediatric patients, but ALL kids, to tune-in to enjoy our broadcast.  After's all about the smiles!


Attention Parents: Please drop us a note at to send in jokes that your kids would like to have us share on the air or to let us know what your kids liked best!


Season 1 Episode 1 ~

Percussion Instruments & Featuring Katie Quick!

Season 1 Episode 2 ~

Piano and Forte & Featuring Hannah Schuldt!

Season 1 Episode 3 ~ 

The ABCs of Music & Featuring Emalee Herrington and Donna Mucks!

Season 1 Episode 4 ~

Allegro and Adagio & Featuring Amanda Yeoman!

Season 1 Episode 5 ~

Introducing the Note Family & Featuring Cousin Earth!


Stay tuned!  More new episodes will be coming again in September 2018! 


It's all about the smiles!

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