The KEYS Program ~ It's all about the smiles!


Music Therapy, Lessons and Community Classes


We provide a free “meet ‘n greet” so you can meet with our music therapy staff,  learn more about the benefits of music and our services and see if it is a good fit for you.   


Thanks to a grant from the Triad Foundation, we are currently able to offer this for FREE for new clients. (Funding is limited) 


Contact us today to learn more or set up a time that best fits your schedule!   Contact us at 315-363-6446 or! 



 KEYS Music Outreach Program

The American Music Therapy Association states that music therapy is “the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.”   


For more than 25 years, the KEYS Program has been offering quality music therapy, community music lessons and group classes that have helped people achieve their educational and therapeutic goals, while bringing joy and BIG smiles to the Central New York community! 


 We would love for you to join us!


 Individual Music Lesson & Music Therapy Program

For our KEYS Kids:

Our mission at KEYS is to deliver music, hope and smiles to children impacted by cancer and serious illnesses at no cost to the families we serve.  Thanks to our donors, we are able to provide free music therapy, bedside music and music outreach broadcasts to children battling cancer here in CNY and across the country. 


For the Community:

In 2018, we expanded our services to offer music lesson and music therapy services to adults and children of all ages and abilities in Madison and Oneida Counties for a fee.   We are excited to now offer much needed services to the community, with funds from the community classes helping us to provide our free programming for kids battling cancer here in CNY!  How cool is that?! 


Rates for the Community Music Lessons and Music Therapy Services:

Cost is $40 for a 30 min. one-on-one music lesson or music therapy session in your home 


We currently offer the first session free thanks to a grant from the Triad Foundation!  Our Meet 'n Greet gives families and individuals an opportunity to meet our Music Therapist and try out a 30 min. session with us!  (Limited offer as funds are available)  


Contact us to schedule a Meet 'n Greet with our staff today!


The KEYS Program has a scholarship fund in order to offset the cost of music therapy and music lesson services for children impacted by cancer and those who are not reimbursed for services through the Self-Direction program, insurance or other funding. (Scholarship funds are limited.)  Contact us if you are interested in learning more. 


Group Music Therapy Session Rates

We provide customized group music therapy sessions for special needs sites, nursing homes, oncology units and other groups. 

We know each site is unique, so we customize our services to best meet the needs of the sites we are serving.  Please contact us for rate information at 315-363-6446 or  to discuss your needs.



Please contact KEYS Program Coordinator Mike Bennett at or 315-363-6446 for questions or assistance.



A Day with our Music Therapist

Our music therapist starts her day at the ARC leading a group of special needs adults in a drum circle, teaching rhythms, expressing themselves, building coordination and learning to socialize together.


Next she stops by the home of a KEYS kid in cancer treatment, and together they put together a play list of “go to” songs that will help keep him inspired and help him endure the long hours of treatment coming in the weeks ahead.


Next stop is the nursing home, where our music therapist is singing songs with a group of elderly patients, when she notices an Alzheimer patient, who was previously withdrawn and not able to communicate is now singing along…word for word.


 She heads down the hall to visit a semi-comatose patient, who opens their eyes and responds as our music therapist begins singing and playing their favorite songs at their bedside.


 From there she heads up to the Cancer Center, where she sets up drums for a group drumming session with the patients while they undergo treatment. After the session, she sits with an adult cancer patient who is struggling with anxiety, elevated heart rate and vitals, and she begins doing musical relaxation exercises with the patient that helps to lower their heart rate and alleviate their agitation.


 She ends her day at the home of a child with autism for some adaptive music lessons. He is so excited to see her he is having trouble settling down. She begins playing the hello song that he likes so much and she soon has his full attention. Within minutes he is at her side singing along, tapping the rhythm to the drums, making music and smiling ear to ear! 



Please contact KEYS Program Coordinator Mike Bennett at or 315-363-6446 for questions or assistance.