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Ukulele Kids Club at the KEYS Program!


To a child, cancer treatments can be pretty scary. The  KEYS Program is so excited to partner with the Ukulele Kids Club organization to harness the power of music to improve the well being of our KEYS kids through the donation of ukuleles and the support of music therapy, they help us give the gift of music for life. 

This year the UKC has donated 6 ukuleles for us to give to our KEYS kids so we may implement a Ukulele Kids Club progam at KEYS!  Each KEYS kid has received a new Kala ukulele, with case, tuner and gets together with our music therapist each week virtually to learn, play and smile!

The UKC (Ukulele Kids Club) is an international charity that has helped thousands of children around the world to overcome the stress, anxiety and health challenges of serious health conditions.

We are honored to partner with them on our shared missions --- to help kids with cancer to just be kids!

Sign-up Today!

We receive new shipments of ukuleles throughout the year and would LOVE for your child to join us!


If you are a KEYS family and would like your child to participate, just email or call us to get on our list!

If you are not a KEYS family yet, but have a child who is battling cancer who would like to participate in our programs, contact us and we will send you a KEYS Family Application to get you started receiving our free programs and BIG smiles!

Contact Colleen Bennett - KEYS Executive Director/Founder at or 315-363-6446.

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