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Hospital Music Outreach
KEYS Kids Network & Music Toolkits

Because some of the pediatric patients we serve are unable to have visitors due to their condition…we bring music to the bedside of patients via our KEYS Kids Network!

Geared for pediatric patients, our KEYS Kids Network is made up of music videos, entertainment and fun! The KEYS Kids Network provides a positive, supportive family environment that brings music, hope and joy directly to their bedside, helping them to feel less lonely, less fearful and less isolated.


The KEYS Kids Network is broadcast to pediatric patients at home, in hospice care and children’s hospitals.


In 2017, in partnership with the Tony Stewart Foundation and the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation,  the KEYS Program developed and published a Music Toolkit with information on the benefits of music, along with songs and activities so parents can implement music in the care of their child.


KEYS currently has toolkits in the libraries of over 250 children's hospitals and sites across the US. 

To request a free toolkit for your site* contact us at 315-363-6446 or

*Available while supplies last

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