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KEYS Jingle Contest

KEYS needs a new theme song! Think you’ve got what it takes to write a catchy jingle for us?

Who? Anyone impacted by the KEYS Program can participate!

What? This is a contest to see who can write a great jingle to represent our mission of SMILES!

How? Create a jingle that's 10-30 seconds long using any instruments and sounds to represent KEYS! Use key words and phrases like "it's all about the smiles", "the keys program", "music and smiles", etc.
If you'd like you can submit a photo or cover art to represent your jingle!

When? Submit your jingle by April 15th

Where? Jingles will be posted on our social media for followers to vote on their favorite!

Submit your jingle as an audio file to by April 15th! 
Friday April 19th we will hold the voting portion of the contest on The KEYS Program Facebook Page!
Tell your friends and family to vote on our social media!

The winning jingle will be featured in future KEYS Program content including YouTube videos, yearly wrap-ups, and events!



for inspiration...

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