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It's All About the...Dance?

I don't know about you, but ever since this pandemic began, I have had to get creative in my own personal movement! We have gone for runs, walks, played ball, and my favorite...dancing around the house! So simple, and yet SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Whether you are up and on your feet, or at your desk, lets get MOVING!!

Let's start with a DANCE PARTY with our favorite, Charlie Brown and his friends!

If you're at your desk, move your feet, bob your head, lift your shoulders, tap your's all about the MOVEMENT.

It's all about the SMILES and I am surely smiling and laughing right now!

One Way I love to dance, to keep it simple and exciting, is through the "Freeze Dance." It's as easy as standing by the music and starting and stopping it when no one will know! Turn it into a game - make sure to stop when the music stops or you may be out!

And if you want to be surprised and not man the music, here's a great song to catch you off guard with the "Freeze!"

How'd you do? I loved changing up my movements, listening to the prompting from someone else so I didn't have to think about how to dance!

Dancing has been around before we can remember. The earliest evidence of dance was found on cave paintings. The earliest structured dance was found in religious ceremonies and the Modern dancing in Europe began in the Renaissance Era, the 14th-17th century. Though this next video doesn't go back quite that far, check out the "Evolution of Dance" 1950-2019. Enjoy!

Let's check out some of the dances from the past decades! Here is one that is so fun to dance and so easy to learn! Lets move those hips with the TWIST!!!

Did you know....the movie the Wizard of Oz cut one of their big song and dance numbers. You can find it in stage plays, but not the movies! It's called the "Jitterbug!" Based off the famous dance! Try to keep up if you can...

So great that these dances are still around today!

So many dances. And I didn't even scratch the surface. Though fun, dancing can also be intimidating. So, I have included some dance favorites that tell you what to do. Listen along and move as they tell you! Let's Dance Dance Dance!

Always a favorite at gathering's and dances. Here's another. The Cha-Cha slide!

I hope you enjoyed moving and dancing as much as I did!! Whether you were able to keep up, or tapped your foot to the entire playlist, YOU ARE AWESOME!

And remember, It's all about the....DANCE!!!!

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