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It's all about the smiles :-) Music interventions for smiles while in quarantine!

My family has been social distancing for the past 2 weeks. It has been such a time of uncertainty, but I feel like we are finally able to breathe, falling into a temporary new way of life that seems to have no ending...we have become creative in so many different ways! My daughter and I have played the piano and guitar, had dance parties, used different mediums for sensory play, and so much more!

I am so excited to continue my list of music interventions that you can do at home! These are some of my favorites....if you check out the up and coming music therapy minute on the KEYS website, you will see some songwriting from some super special friends in the KEYS program!!'s all about the SMILES!!!!! If these don't bring smiles, let me know!!


Music therapists utilize song rewriting activities in many sessions to help clients connect to their feelings or to express themselves. Song rewriting can be made easier by taking out various words from a familiar song for your family to fill in the blanks and to make the song their own. Like a madlib, it can be a silly song, or a serious song.

For example: You are my sunshine can be rewritten as:

You are my _______, you make me _______, when skies are _______

You’ll never know _________, how much I __________ you.

Please don’t take my ______________ away.

Other songs: What a Wonderful World, Three Little Birds (Bob Marley), Firework (Katy Perry).


Music can have a therapeutic impact on helping us relax, practice mindfulness, focus on positivity and allow us to let go of negative/fearful thoughts. This can be a useful tool right now to help children (and parents) to practice relaxation, medication and practice focusing on gratitude and positivity in a time of uncertainty and worry.

You can take time to go through all your families favorite songs that help them to feel calm. I prefer to use music that has no lyrics to help focus on images or thoughts that come to mind when you sit, listen and focus on mindfulness.


Music and art is a powerful combination to help express, focus and share our thoughts and/or feelings. Music and art is also a therapeutic combination to help with expression, mindfulness and exploring creativity. You can have your children create art (such as painting, drawing or collaging) to match the music or their feelings.


Make this activity fun and encourage your children to find things around the house that they can use to make their own instruments.

*Grab some of those empty toilet paper rolls, cover one end, fill it with beans or beads (something small that makes noise), cover the other end. For extra art creativity, have your child color a piece of paper (sized to fit) and attach it to the outside of the toilet paper roll. There you have a shaker! If you want to go bigger…use a paper towel roll for a rainstick!

For a drum – grab an empty coffee can or some sort of cylindrical object, cover the top with duct tape, or a layer of paper taped on top. Again, use a fitted piece of paper to decorate the sides. Use your hands, pens, straws, or anything creative for drum sticks!

I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite interventions that we did at home!!

Stay tuned for Bornemann family fun and MORE music interventions for your days inside!

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