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Thank you for the SMILES!

We want to send along a BIG thank you to everyone who tuned-in to the KEYS Program's "Summer Smiles" virtual concerts...all 19,541 of you! Our musicians were AMAZING...our sponsors were SO kind...and our viewers were so wonderful sharing messages of hope, love, joy and smiles at each concert! Darn COVID kept us from being able to do our backyard concerts and Smile Experience's in person this year, but thanks to all of YOU, we were able to keep the love, support and SMILES going...especially when our KEYS kiddos need them the most! Words cannot full express our gratitude and appreciation enough....simply... YOU ROCK!

Summer Smiles! KEYS kiddo Raigan enjoying her "Smiles for Raigan" concert featuring Emalee Herrington from the comfort of her home. (Photo credit Shauna McCoy Photography)

"Backstage" Meet 'n Greet KEYS kiddo Charlie and her Mom in Upstate New York enjoying her own private meet 'n greet via zoom with KEYS artist Brett Roden from the Roanoke Children's Theatre in Virginia! Also in the photo are: KEYS Founder Colleen Bennett, KEYS Outreach Coordinator Cheri and KEYS Intern Alexis.

Coast to Coast Smiles! KEYS kiddo Chad tuning-in to his concert from sunny Southern California while The Whistles perform for him from just outside New York City!

Behind-the-Scenes The view behind-the-scenes as the KEYS crew simultaneously runs the live streams on YouTube and Facebook. This concert was the amazing band SIRSY playing their hearts out for KEYS kiddo Hally on August 17th.  

The BEST Musicians with the BIGGEST Hearts! We are so thankful for these talented and amazing musicians who played their hearts out for our KEYS kids this summer! BIG thanks to... Amy B & D the T Emalee Herrington The Whistles Frank Diskin Liz Fiddle Katie Quick SIRSY Steve Laureti Seth Becker Brett Roden Terry "Mojo" Johnson

Our Smile Creators!

Our Summer Smiles Concerts would not be possible without our foundation partners, sponsors and donors like YOU! 

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