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Chef Amelia's Smile Day!

"This was the best day of my life!" ~ Amelia

In August 2019, KEYS hosted a special Smile Experience for KEYS kid Amelia who LOVES to cook and dreams of being a chef someday.

Her dream came true when we partnered with Great American Baking Show Holiday Edition finalist, Andrea Maranville to have Amelia visit her bakery and cook up some delicious treats! We even gave Amelia her very own chef coat, hat, cookbook and cake decorating kit, so she can bake up treats for her family and friends for years to come!

BIG thanks to our awesome Smile Crew and to Andrea Maranville for opening her bakery...and her BIG beautiful heart… to make Amelia’s day so very special!!

💕There are some moments in life that simply can not be quantified. There are some experiences that are truly SO special and my heart is bursting at the seams and reminding me WHY I am on this path. #everythinghappensforareason 💕😁💕🙏 . Today, I had the sweetest guest pastry chef in my kitchen, chef Amelia.❤ She is an amazing 8 year old who loves to cook and bake....who is sincere, kind, smart and funny. An amazing 8 year old who also has cancer. Make no mistake though, she has a fire in her and is destined to grow up and do amazing things, including continuing her passion for all things food, I hear her chicken wing dip is delicious! 😋 . A few months back the head of @thekeysprogram reached out to me asking if I would participate in their "Smile Experience Day" - A day to bring LOTS of SMILES to children with cancer and serious illness. They said a very special girl, Amelia, wanted to spend the day and bake with ME?!😮😁🙏 How honored am I that she chose me! So, after long anticipation, today was the day!!! We baked, we decorated, we laughed, we SMILED!!! 💕 I am forever grateful to the Keys Program for giving both Amelia, her family and ME this very special day. I will treasure this moment forever and my heart is full. #itsallaboutthesmiles

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