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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the KEYS Program

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

As you know, part of the mission at the KEYS program is to deliver music, hope, and smiles to kids who are affected by Cancer and Terminal illness. Those of you who are reading this have most likely been affected by childhood cancer, whether directly or KEYS, childhood cancer awareness is not just in September, but everyday.

There are so many different opportunities to raise awareness for childhood cancer, to those who may not understand....not just this month, but every month! *Go Gold: ribbons, wear gold *advocate on social media *speak up for kids with cancer *Get your representative involved - Did you know that the House of Representatives has a bipartisan caucus dedicated to childhood cancer awareness? The Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus works toward eliminating the threat of cancer for children. If your representative isn’t already involved, invite him or her to join. *Get to know Childhood cancer survivors *Share YOUR personal story - your story could be the tipping point to get others involved!

This doesn't need to be just in September, it can be something that you are aware of and share about all year round!

*donate time or resources - by yourself or with your workplace - create a fundraiser!! The KEYS Program is always accepting donations - as you will see on our website, in the top right corner, a pink "donate" link has been set up to make it easy!

Check out Amelia's story on our Website!!

At the KEYS Program, we deliver MUSIC to kids with cancer and terminal illness. Music Therapy is more than just listening to music. With music therapy, our board-certified music therapists work with a patient’s health care team and parents to come up with a plan that uses music to meet the child’s specific needs. Music therapy sessions can include singing, songwriting, instrument playing, movement, dancing, painting, drawing, listening to music, breathing and relaxation, and expressing feelings through music.

Did you know....Music helps to reduce nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments; helps to reduce anxiety; aids in pain management; and research has found patients who receive music therapy during their recovery heal faster than those who do not have music therapy.

Listening to music can be calming and relaxing. Music therapy can be a safe place for people to explore fear, anxiety, anger and the range of emotional responses to living with cancer. Some studies show that music therapy can help children with cancer to cope by encouraging them to cooperate and communicate.

Music therapy provides kids a creative outlet where they can express their emotions, share their story and feel more empowered in a situation that is very much out of their control.

At KEYS, we serve children from birth to 18 years old and their families. We walk with families through their entire journey! Once a member of the KEYS family, always a member of the KEYS Family. If you are interested in learning about music therapy, or becoming a part of our team, bringing awareness to childhood cancer throughout the year, send us a message, comment below, or check out our website! We would love to connect with you!

How are you bringing awareness to childhood cancer today?

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