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Ever wonder how many smiles your donation can create?

♡ $25 enables us to deliver 1 Welcome Kit to 1 new KEYS family!

♡ $50 enables us to provide 1 KEYS kid a music therapy session in their home!

♡ $100 provides 2 Holiday Smiles Care Packages to 2 KEYS kids!

♡ $250 enables 1 KEYS kid to attend our Smile Experience!

♡ $500 enables us to provide 1music therapy session each month to 1 KEYS kid throughout the entire school year!

♡ $1,000 enables us to broadcast music to pediatric patients on our KEYS Kids Network for 1 entire month!

♡ $1,500 enables us to provide 30 music therapy sessions to 1 KEYS kid—-that’s enough smiles for a whole year!

♡ $2,000 enables us to grant 1 Super Sibling Wish!

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