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Want to Spread Some Christmas Cheer?

Join our Christmas Carol Sing-Along for our KEYS Kids!

We are SO excited to announce our Christmas Carol Sing-Along project!! We are giving YOU a chance to spread some Christmas cheer with our KEYS kids this holiday season!

Fun, silliness and BIG smiles are encouraged! Good singing not required!

It's easy-peasy! Here's what you do...

1. Gather your friends, family or co-workers together at the workplace Christmas party, after church, at school or around the Christmas tree! (Any and all groups are welcome!)

2.Hand out lyric sheets ---or simply pick a song everyone knows like Jingle Bells, Silent Night, or White Christmas

3. Sing along and record it with your phone (sideways mode please). (no professional recordings required)

We will broadcast your song to pediatric cancer patients throughout the holidays on our KEYS Kids Network!

It's a beautiful way to spread the joy of Christmas with some of our favorite superheroes who are facing incredible health challenges locally, and across the country!

Videos can be sent in from now until December 20th!

Contact us at or 315-363-6446!

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