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All those Quarantine Emotions....

I don't know about you, but I am ready for this quarantine to be over. I don't know what the next few months will look like, returning back to whatever we are returning to. I know I will wait for the go ahead to keep everyone safe, but I am tired!! I am feeling all the emotions and decided to express some of those emotions by searching for some music that describes exactly how I feel!

The result of that...This blog post!!

I started thinking about music...and quarantine. We are ALL in this together! Music is such a great way to express emotions! And there are so many musicians out there who have done just that, because they are feeling the same!! are 6 different songs that I found expressing emotion about quarantine!!! Grab your family, turn up the music, and dance!!

Starting with Alicia Keys, who took a popular song and rewrote the lyrics to express some of the things we can't put into words...

Next up...Luke Combs, who wrote this song "Six Feet Apart." As he stated, "it's about the current times and us looking forward to the day this is all over."

Though we miss everyone, remember....

"For those about to lose their minds,

we gotta remember,

that in the worst of times, we can make the BEST of times!"

How many musicians did you recognize?

This next one is amazing, it always will be a favorite of mine! Not a song written about quarantine, but one we can always listen to, to remind us that we are NOT alone! "Lean on me," in memory of the late Bill Withers.

Two more, which I really enjoyed....One by Randy Newman and one to remind us that "better days" are coming (thank you One Republic).

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! And as always...if you find (or write) a quarantine song that you want to share with us, it would bring us all the smiles!!!

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