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Songwriting and KEYS Summer program offerings

If you follow the social media pages, or check out the KEYS Program website, you have probably heard about the Summer Songwriting Project - if you haven't, this is the place to be!!!!

Spend 4-6 weeks during the summer (depending on your schedule) with one of our Music Therapists or contractors, who will guide you through the songwriting process!

"Music is a powerful tool that can shape moods, define moments and ignite memories. In creating music we can share something of our experiences and ourselves – a notion explored in therapeutic songwriting"

Wigram and Baker(2005) define songwriting in music therapy as, “the process of creating, notating, and/or recording lyrics and music by the client or clients and therapist within a therapeutic relationship to address psychosocial, emotional, cognitive, and communication needs of the client”(p.16)

Some benefits of songwriting include:

  • self-expression

  • stress relief

  • a means of interpreting difficult circumstances and overcoming challenges

  • achieve a sense of mastery

  • increase self-esteem

  • relate difficult experiences

  • explore feelings

  • improve social interaction.

Songwriting can be a recreational or therapeutic can work with us or write songs in your own place and time.

Songwriting tends not to follow rules. It is flexible and adaptable. Check out some of the previous songs written by some of the KEYS Kids during the Summer Songwriting Project:

Songwriting can be so simple, we are going to write a song today!!! Madlib's so easy, all you have to do is fill in the blanks!

*Keep it to yourself, or share it with us...we would love to hear from you!*

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin.

Here's a little _________ (thing) I wrote, you might want to _________ (action) it note for note. Don't __________ (feeling), be ____________ (emotion). In every life we have some _____________ (thing), when you _____________ (action) you make it double, Don't __________ (feeling), be ___________ (emotion).

Refrain: Do-do-do-do-do-do.......... (use your own sound - vowel or consonant, animal sound, or any verbal noise!)

The summer songwriting project goes a bit more in depth with YOUR songwriting....but why not try it out! Let's be creative together and create SMILES!!!!!

This program is for all ages and abilities....if you're looking for something to do during the summer that is sooooo different from anything else, why not sign up? If you are interested in trying it out (even for just one session) contact

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