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Summer happenings at the KEYS Program

Before we get to the exciting stuff...check out this song WAVES, listen, dance, think about summertime and the beautiful waves....

Now that it's fresh in our mind's...Summertime at the KEYS program!

So much is happening at the KEYS program this summer, we thought it would be awesome to have it all in one place!

*Our Summer Songwriting Program continues! In the summer of 2020, we launched our Summer Songwriting project with KEYS kids and those interested in trying out our Music Therapy program for 6 weeks! The students worked alongside our Music Therapists to write a song from scratch - however that looks for the student. Check out some of our previous years song's on our website:

*We are taking a break from our weekly concert series because we are going LIVE!!!!! We are returning to in-person concerts over the summer. We will be popping up at different locations and performing backyard concerts, continuing to honor our KEYS kids and their families.

*FOX FEST 2022!!!!! Did you order your tickets /t-shirt yet?

Tickets are on sale NOW for $30 a person at! *****Be sure to order early so you can get your t-shirt that acts as your concert ticket! ****

***FREE overnight camping!

***Food vendors Limp Lizard and The Spud Shack!

Band line-up includes:

Tantric, Under The Paige, Molly D'Agostino, Dirt Road Ruckus, Joe Rogalia, The Swamp Boys, F5, Christ Taylor Band, The Shylocks and the Steve Cali Band!

Come join us for a full day of great music, good food and lots of BIG smiles, proceeds to benefit the KEYS program!

*We are SO HONORED. In August 2022, Friendly Ford in Hamilton, NY will be donating $100 from EACH car sale throughout the month to the KEYS Program. We will be having family fun days at their location TWICE during the month of August to promote the KEYS program.

- August 13: Friendly Dodge/Chrysler Car Show & BBQ (More information to come....)

- August 20: Friendly Ford Family Fun Day!

This is just the BEGINNING! If you are interested in participating in any of these events, contact us, or via the KEYS program facebook page, or by calling the office (315)363-6446. Don't forget to check out our website for EVERYTHING KEYS, songs by our Music Therapists, the KEYS weekly concert series, to catch up on the monthly workshop series, and so much more.

Stay tuned for more upcoming has been a long wait....the return of.....

....the SMILE experience :-)

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